15 Best Free Domain Name Generator Tool: Find the Perfect One


The internet is a vast place. With so many websites and blogs, it can be difficult to find the ideal domain name for your website. Not only that, but there are so many free domain name generator tool out there! It’s hard to know which one will work best for you!

Domain names are the cornerstones of all internet ventures. They’re what people see when they visit your website and it’s how you can differentiate yourself from other websites out there in cyberspace.

If your domain name is unprofessional, cluttered or hard to remember then chances are that no one will want to stay on your site for too long. This is where domain name generators come into play!

A good domain name generator should be able to create a unique and memorable identifier that will ensure users flock back again and again – without breaking the bank. But with so many options out there which ones are really worth trying?

In this post, we’ll go over 15 of the best free domain name generator tool on the web – pick the perfect one for yours!

What are the Benefits to have a Good Domain Name?

  • A good domain name can help you rank higher on search engines
  • A good domain name will be easier to remember and share with people
  • A good domain name will make it easier for people to find your website
  • A good domain name may cost more upfront but is worth the investment in the long run
  • You should have a professional look when promoting your business online, which includes having a professional looking website address
  • The best way to get customers is through word of mouth, so having an easy-to-remember web address makes it easier for them to tell their friends about what they found on your site and where they found it

What are the Drawbacks of a Poor Domain Name?

  • Poor domain names are not memorable
  • Poor domain names do not accurately reflect the company’s brand
  • Poor domain names can be difficult to spell or pronounce
  • Poor domain names can make it harder for customers to find your website
  • A poor choice of a domain name may lead to confusion and potential customer loss when they try to visit your site
  • Some people might think that you have a bad reputation if you have a poor quality, hard-to-find web address (domain).

Why you should use free domain name generator tool?

A free domain name generator tool is an easy way to generate a list of potential names for your website. You can use any of the suggested names you like or combine them with other words that are relevant to what you want to promote

This means that, even if you don’t have a perfect idea in mind yet, there isn’t much risk involved because it’s possible to make adjustments later on once you’ve chosen the right one and start building your site content

Free domain name generators tools will help save money by generating hundreds of different combinations at no cost! It also saves time from having to think up all those variations yourself–which could take hours if not days or weeks just depending on how creative (or lazy!) you are feeling .

It can also provide more ideas for a domain name that you may not have thought of in the first place. Plus, if you’re feeling really lazy and just want to see what other people are naming their websites then this is perfect! You won’t need to do anything but sit back and enjoy sipping your coffee or tea while scrolling through these choices.

So whether it’s personal reasons or financial benefits (or both), free domain name generators tools are definitely worth checking out!

15 Best Free Domain Name Generator Tool

Find the Perfect One for You!

Here is a list of 15 best free domain name generator tool that can help you find the perfect domain name.

Name Mesh:

Name Mesh is a domain name generator that allows you to find the perfect combination of words for your website. With NameMesh, users can search with up to three keywords and then sort through their results by category or keyword in order determine which domain names are best suited for them.

While Lean Domain Search specializes on one keyword at a time, this online service finds new domains based off two-three different keywords so there’s more opportunity for success when searching available domains around those combinations instead of just guessing what other people might be writing about as it pertains specifically to your niche.

Plus, if naming something was ever easy enough before – now anyone who wants an unregistered .com will have even better chances!

Shopify Business Name Generator

Brand new from Shopify, the Business Name Generator searches for available domains by combining your keywords with other popular words. The tool integrates domain name finding and e-commerce store creation into one simple process within ten seconds of launching–so it’s no surprise they boast about their helpfulness! Even if you don’t plan on starting an e-commerce company anytime soon, use this to generate a unique brand name or find out what may be available right now!

Lean Domain Search

Searching for a domain name can be an arduous process but Lean Domain Search is here to help. With this popular and user-friendly tool, you will get hundreds of potential domains at your fingertips with just the click of one button! Best yet: all results come complete with .com extensions so there’s no need to worry about picking from limited options or running into red tape when it comes time to register them.

Lean Domain Search also has features that make life easier like saving any interesting ideas and tracking past searches in case you want the same creative approach next time around–no designating new keywords needed!

Lean Domain Search has the latest domain name generator ideas for you. If you are looking for a keyword and some creative ways to use it, then Lean Domain Search is your go-to idea destination!

Bust a Name

Bust A Name provides a simple way to find memorable, available domain names with their trademarked word combiner.

The process is based on four steps that are easy-to-follow and will provide an outcome in minutes. Start by typing the words you want your domain name to contain then press enter; automatically record those words into Bust A Names second box where more related options can be found using a blue arrow icon hovering over each item.

You’ll come across all possible domains from which you may choose for registration purposes finalized through this quick procedure.”

We all know that finding a good domain name is tough, but this time it’s even harder. The prefix and suffix feature at the bottom of Domain site will generate unique available domains for you to choose from- however they are limited in major extensions like .com or biz only.

Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search uses modern web technologies and has real-time search results that make it one of the best tools for finding your available brand and domain names. Along with generic top level domains such as .com, they also support hundreds of new gTLDs like .io or .xyz which give you more options for creating an innovative name without being too hard on yourself because there are so many different choices!

In addition to searching through existing domain names already registered by other people worldwide (and listed publicly), this tool can help find titles currently up for auction or sale at aftermarket sites where prices may be lower than what registrars generally charge.


Domain names are interesting, right? Have you heard of domain hacks before? Domainr.com makes it easy to create an impressive list of short links for your business or personal website by trying out various combinations with a single click!

I had been using the tool myself and found that as well as being useful in finding a URL-shortening link for my site, it’s also very handy when looking up domains which come into contact with any IDN TLDs – so if there is anything international about your project then this might help find one suitable.

Domainr is also available as a free app on all ios, Android, and Windows platforms making it easier for you to search domains on the go. Keep brainstorming while surfing with your phone!


In a world where domain names are being consumed at an ever increasing rate, Namelix is the app to have. Just enter your desired word and you will be presented with thousands of available domains for purchase! But don’t worry – filter through them easily and find the perfect one that isn’t already taken right off your fingertips.


Now you can easily find the perfect domain name for your blog with Panabee. This handy-dandy little generator is not only free and easy to use, but it’s also really fun! Simply enter in a few keywords and watch as this fantastic tool spews out word combinations that are both creative AND practical. You’ll have plenty of ideas from which to choose when deciding what will be best for your WordPress site – so head over now before someone else grabs up all those great domains first!

In today’s business world, people aren’t always looking at their phones or desktops anymore; they’re on the go more than ever using mobile devices like tablets or smartphones without keyboards.


Nameboy is the perfect tool for finding domains that are available! You can find domain suggestions based off of keywords, or you can search by extension. Additionally, Nameboy gives you rhyming and hyphenated URL ideas to help make your brand even more memorable than it already is.


Namesmith is a fun domain name generator. Enter up to 5 words or phrases that describe your idea and let Namesmith work its magic! You can choose from names with rhymes, blends well together, or stick to the exact keywords you want for your brand. I actually registered a couple of random domain names because it’s hard not to when they pop up as possibilities!

Domains Bot:

Domains Bot is a great domain name generator free. With its clean and intuitive interface, Domains Bot makes it easy to get the perfect domain for your website or blog with just one click!

This innovative tool will not only show you the social availability of each domain name, but also what registrars are available for purchase. Once you find a desired domain name, press “Buy” and select from an extensive list of reputable companies to do business with!


DomainTyper is one of the best domain name generators. It’s easy to find out if Facebook page or twitter username is available before you register a new URL. The first thing you’ll notice as soon as type in a domain, are search results that come up instantly with prices for different top-level domains and unique hacks like Domain Typer itself!

Name Station:

Name Station is a tool that provides you with the perfect domain name and voice tone to go along with it. Whether your company needs a keyword or random, Name Station will have what you need in an instant. With “intelligent” technology automatically generating keyword-specific word extensions for each search term, finding just the right one has never been easier!

I Want my Name

The best way to find the perfect domain name is with I Want My Name. You enter in your desired domain, along with an extension and it will let you know if that one’s available or not. If there isn’t a match found for what you want, don’t fret! It’ll give several alternative suggestions of domains similar to yours at varying prices (some as low as $2). Plus, should any be unavailable they can be hidden from view so no more browsing through pages and pages of good names gone bad

Domain Wheel:

Domain Wheel is a new domain name generator that features clean and fresh design. It’s powerful yet simple, allowing you to generate an unlimited amount of names in the blink of an eye with just your keywords input and extensions selected. Where Domain Wheel stands apart from other generators is its use intelligent technology- it takes things one step further by creating a list of rhyming suggestions for domains as well as keyword lists based on what you typed into the search bar!


I know, picking a domain name can be hard. There are so many options out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up with an awful one! In addition to the list of free tools listed above for generating random names or making them more pronounceable, you may also want to consider using your company slogan or last name as the domain extension.

That way people will have no trouble finding your site if they already know what it is called. Let me know in the comment section which tool has been most helpful for you so far!

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