Design an eBook Cover that Attract your Audience


In this article, we are going to describe to you some points to make your eBook cover. It is very important to make your eBook cover exciting and unique because the first impact of your eBook should be excellent. If you make your eBook cover the same old, boring and simple, no one will read it. Most of your readers lose interest and don’t even read or review it.

While most readers go through the descriptions anyway, the eBook cover is one of the main factors for any item. Describe the style of the book, show the spirit of the story, convey the content inward and present it so that the reader understands the essence of the book by looking at the cover; All of this is essential in today’s world of writing and publishing.

I’m sure we all must have heard the old adage: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” But the point is that humans are visual species that can be easily stimulated with imposed images and graphics. eBooks with email cover not only stand out, but they also sell more.

According to a survey of eBooks, authors who spent money on professional book covers received 18% more royalties.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your eBook cover.

Great covers are great sellers

When entering the desktop publishing space, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is finding a cover specialist who understands design, gives you an appreciation for your creation and the message you send. This gives potential readers freedom.

It’s also important that you step back when prompted. If your designer has the skills, you can trust him to understand design basics that you are not familiar with.

According to Susan Rogers, the author of A Song for Josh, needed to understand the characters; Texture and color were the main aspects of her design. Her personal cover designer Alana listened to her and created an image that she needed it to be. “It’s a dream come true,” Rogers said. For my part, I try not to hurt him with each new cover. Generally speaking, I know what I want, but it is the experienced designer who brings my core vision to an exceptional cover that helps me sell my series. “

Your cover is your branding strategy

However, writing skills are critical to building a fan base and ensuring that the audience appreciates your work, but all this happens only when your books sell. This is where the cover comes in.

The main and foremost important is the casing that the reader sees, and in order not to get lost in the sea of ​​other titles on the shelf, he may need to stand out.

For example: Think of packing a candy bar. Most of the stripes you see in stores will have an image of the entire strip, while others will show an image of a torn strip so you can see inside. This is done to make it tastier and give the potential buyer an idea of ​​what they will get from buying it. The cover of his book is the same; This will give viewers an idea of ​​what to expect when reading your headline.

Keep your target audience in mind

The third one is to know your audience. The books are not just about revealing the creative abilities of the author. The material needs a certain shape, and this will affect how the letter is absorbed.

All arts have audiences and books are no exception. Therefore, a good book and cover design is not just an expression of the book’s plot or concept; it is an integral part of marketing. Therefore, the public must know what your purpose is.

Well, 3 groups of people have a great responsibility for the success of a book: The reader, The publisher, and the author.

The ultimate goal of a good book cover is to attract readers. As a reader, you want people to say, “Wow! I have to read this.”

Also, it would help if you focused on creating quality content because it is more important than the book cover. A book cover is to attract the reader but quality content will make them happy.

Optimization for digital platforms increases reach

If you are an author who did not think of selling his/her eBook on an online platform, you should think once because readers enjoy the physical comfort of having a paperback. However, digital platforms now allow people to store thousands of books on one device. So, optimize your images for eBook sales.

Digital books also need creative covers for their sales. So, make sure that your thumbnail should be creative. Roll up a book cover image to see how it looks on a digital platform like Amazon. If this sounds confusing, try customizing your design elements.

Visual psychology is critical

By creating images from books, you invite potential buyers to become more familiar with your work. First, they will detect your coverage. They will then click on the book to study it. Finally, they will be filled with curiosities and intrigues brought from your library. From there, the prospect will open the book, flip through the first few pages, and make a purchase.

In fact, all psychology is behind it. It is important to understand how readers view the design and the rationale behind the reasoning. Color psychology allows you to add meaning to the way you look at the cover of your book. For example, color conveys the concept of black mystery, strength, villainy, and possibly death.

Believe it or not, it appears that 93% of customers make purchasing decisions due to creative appearance. If you want your group of consumers to buy your book, be sure to check out their visual psychology. Then work closely with a designer who understands the importance of book cover design.

Consistency makes the search easy

Once you have a loyal reader, you must commit to keeping it. Books like Alex Rider’s richly contoured cover series make it easy for buyers to find work without browsing the web. As a writer, you can be recognized not only by the name on the cover but also, by the way, the appearance of the cover of his e-book. Make sure your marketing materials match your cover design so that everything works in your brand’s favor.


Check out some of the best apps that help you in creating creative ebook covers.

  • Canva
  • Adazing
  • Design Master
  • My Ecover Maker
  • Online Ecover Creator
  • Snappa
  • Poster My Wall

In The End

My advice is that you never compromise when creating content and covers. What good is telling a story when your business is poorly formulated or not working for you? Think of the cover you put on your novel. Don’t be afraid to be different from others and go your own way. You may find that books are more inventive for this.

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