7 Easy Steps to Publish an eBook On Google Play Store


Google play store is the central core of any android phone. It contains lots of eBooks. So, it is better to publish an eBook on Google Play Store. They have removed the “approval period” and the waiting list for creating new publisher accounts. Also, they’ve changed their publishing system and made publishing books on Google Play easier than ever.

As with any publishing platform, it all starts with:

Here is 7 Easy Steps to Publish an eBook on Google Play Store

Are you an eBook publisher looking to publish your eBooks on the Google Play Store? Whether it is for marketing purposes or just because, publishing a book onto this platform can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 7 easy steps that will help simplify the process.

Step 1. Create a Google Play account

Google Play now has created a simple landing page for their users for authors who want to publish their books on this platform. Just click get started and enter your details on creating an account.

Please note that you will need an associated Google account. If you already have a Gmail account, then it’s good otherwise to create a new Gmail account.

Step 2. Enter your financial information

It’s is a straightforward process. Suppose you want Google Play to pay your royalties. So, you must first enter your billing and tax information and link your bank account.

Step 3. Create your first book

Then click “Add your first book” in the control panel. Now you must make the following decision:

  • If you really want to publish your e-book and make it available on Google Play for sale or
  • You just want it to preview on Google Books if you want to.

“This is worth noting because Google Books is often confused with Google Play, and they are in fact very different. Google Play, as we said, is an online store, but Google Books is not. Instead, it is one of the Largest online indexes in the world of full textbooks, as Google has scanned millions of papers and eBooks for search engines to search and index.

Well, if you have made a decision that you want your eBook to be published on google play then, your book will automatically receive a Google Books preview page, so you should not publish or sell your book on the Google Play store and then select “Provide preview only on Google Books “. (For example, if you are on KDP Select, but you still want your book to be indexed in the Google Books library, selecting this option will not violate the KDP Select conditions.)

After clicking the Sell eBook button on Google Play, you will be prompted to select the “ID” of the book, that is, the ISBN. If you have it, then it’s good; otherwise, select the Get Google Book ID option; It’s free.

Step 4. Enter the metadata for your books

The Google Play Books metadata process is divided into four stages:

  • About the book
  • Styles
  • The authors
  • Settings

Consider them in order.

About the book

The process becomes easy if you have already published your ebook elsewhere. You can simply insert a title, subtitle, book description, series title, etc.

If this is your first opportunity to publish a book and you haven’t written a description (or abstract) yet, be sure to read our post on writing a book. As you will soon see, Google Play Store search works in a way that focuses on descriptions, titles, and subtitles. So, you can optimize for these special offers on Google Play.

If you want your book to be published immediately, leave the Date Sold field blank. If you post an order, be sure to include it on the book’s release date.

One last thing on the About Book page: Google gives you the option to “add a linked book” below. This is a very good opportunity to link your book with others, even if they are not part of a series (i.e., an anthology, a box, or another series from the same universe).


Talking about styles or genres, then google play is perfect than any other stores. First, it doesn’t limit you to the number of genre categories you can choose from. This allows you to select any range of BISAC (North America) or BIC (the UK and Australia) systems:

Therefore, you should take the time to research and select all the appropriate categories for your book. Categories play a big role in Google’s search algorithm, so spent your time wisely to get perfect genres.

The Authors

The next page is very simple: here, you can enter the author’s name and the author’s biography. You can also add other authors to your book, such as a translator, ghostwriters, editor, illustrator, etc.


The last one is the setting where Google gives you more control than your peers. You can choose the number of books readers can preview using the Look feature within Google Play (note that this is at least 20%):

You can also choose how much text they can copy and paste (or set it to 0%) and enable/disable DRM encryption.

If one of your goals is to optimize the look of your book on Google Book Search (the index we mentioned in step 3), then click Show advanced settings and fill in those fields.

Step 5. Upload the book and cover files

This part should be very simple. You have to specifically handle your files:

The best thing about Google Play now is that after your files have been processed and accepted, you can get your readers’ reviews by adding “content reviewers” simply by entering email addresses. This will basically give you early access to your book for free, which is a great way to share ARC copies with reviewers.

This is a very simple and very important process because you can get reviews from your readers with this. If your book has some defects, then your readers will help you in this.

Step 6. Determine the value of your book

Google Play Books gives you the power to set the price of your ebook at different prices for different regions and different currencies. To make your book look attractive in every pose, you should definitely take advantage of this feature.

For example, in the following configuration, your book will cost £ 0.99 in the UK and Ireland, € 0.99 in the Eurozone, and $ 0.99 in all countries.

Note that the “advanced settings” allow these prices to be temporary, which can be useful to offer a promotional price at launch.

google play

Step 7. Review and publish

Finally came to the last step i.e. review and publish. So, the last thing to do is to make sure you’ve entered everything correctly without having any mistakes such as Grammarly. When you are completely confident that all things are correct, just hit the magic publish button.

This is a good time to go back to step 5 (files should be processed in this step) and add “Content Reviewer” before publishing.


Conclusion paragraph: Publishing an eBook on Google Play Store is a great way to reach potential customers. This article explored the benefits of publishing on this platform and how you can do it, but if you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comment section below!

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